eXceed Symposiaで新製品を発表しました

Bruker launches timsTOF SCP for Unbiased Single Cell 4D-Proteomics and Next-gen timsTOF Pro 2 with Unprecedented Proteomic Depth

Unique timsTOF SCP revolutionizes quantitative single cell biology research with unbiased, deep single-cell 4D-Proteomics™ to complement scRNA-seq; breakthrough paper by Mann et al. identifies and quantifies >1,400 proteins in single cells • Next-generation timsTOF Pro 2 with unprecedented depth and throughput for unbiased 4D-Proteomics; supports liquid biopsy multiomic biomarker research, integrating genomics with proteomics and epiproteomics; identifies ~6,000 proteins/60,000 peptides on 200 ng, and ~4,000 proteins/30,000 peptides on just 20 ng of HeLa digests with 30 minute gradients • Progress in unbiased plasma proteomics, cancer proteogenomics, 4D-Epiproteomics™ for PTM analysis, targeted proteomics for LDT development, and immunopeptidomics for neoantigen discovery in immunooncology by our timsTOF collaboration partners • New PaSER real-time 4D-Proteomics software enables visualization of MOMA CCS-enabled separation of co-eluting or isobaric peptides, advances phosphoproteomics cancer research; GPUde novo peptide sequencing enhances immunopeptidomics; novel TIMScore™ increases confidence of peptide IDs and protein numbers at same FDRs


新製品:timsTOF Pro 2

新製品:timsTOF SCP


6月21日に開催されました「eXceed Symposia 4D-Metabolomics 2021」にて新しいVIP-HESIイオン源を発表しました。


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