第11回メタボロームシンポジウム 11月13日~14日

第11回 メタボロームシンポジウム

【11月14日(火) ブルカー ランチョンセミナー 12:20~13:00 会場:星雲1】

演題 How confident are you in your metabolomics results?

演者 Dr. Aiko Barsch – Bruker Daltonik, Bremen, Germany Market Manager Metabolomics, Director Life Sciences


To address the typical challenges in Metabolomics research, sensitive and robust analytical instrumentation and software need to be seamlessly integrated to provide high quality data for confident biological interpretation. This Lunch Seminar will present latest examples for discovery Metabolomics enabled by Bruker’s unique LC-QTOF-MS and FI-MRMS solutions.

The third generation of MetaboScape® for Metabolomics and Phenomics research provides a fully integrated workflow solution for discovery metabolomics and enables users to quickly pinpoint and identify metabolite markers and use pathway mapping to set them in a biological context.

Confidence in raw data quality, pre-processing of data, annotation of metabolites, and statistical results is critical for turning data into knowledge. The Time-aligned-Region-complete-eXtraction or T-ReX algorithm automatically extracts all relevant information in LC-QTOF-MS/MS data cohorts in a “region complete” manner. Real world examples will be discussed demonstrating that this robust and comprehensive data mining is critical for improving statistical results. Combining this improved pre-processing with the automatic Annotation Quality Scoring “AQ” for easy verification of compound identification results, MetaboScape 3.0 enables the evaluation of complex metabolomics data with high confidence. The additional pathway mapping routines then help turn this data into knowledge.



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